Bethesda Mission Everything Drive

Almost anything you have to donate, Bethesda Mission can use.  It could be food, clothes, bathroom items, cleaning supplies, batteries, etc.  Early each week we bring these donations over to the mission, so bring your items for Bethesda on Sundays.

2019 Summer Mission Trip to Parma, OH June 16-22, 2019


Situated on the beautiful northern coast of Ohio, Parma is the largest suburb of Cleveland, located only 9 miles south from downtown Cleveland.

Like many cities dotting the industrial Midwest, the Cleveland area is an amazing network of communities that were developed as businesses grew and the complexities of producing materials to support them grew right alongside. Parma is one important city among them all.

While there are certainly many beautiful homes, they are located near others in complete disrepair. Parma has been hit hard by the loss of manufacturing jobs and the past foreclosure crisis which has left families striving to maintain pride in their community. You can help them by simply showing up and encouraging their tenacity through a week of home repairs.